The Beale Street Band

Musical Director Paul Danesi leads the Beale Street Band. The band handles 50’s & 60’s swing show band with lead singer Anthony Von. This band can play the classic Elvis music like the original versions thru the 1970’s Elvis Concert songs. They make you feel as if you where watching and listening the real backup music Elvis used in Vegas. As part of the package the Beale Street Band adds the authenticity of the era of music by dressing in costumes and using props to capture the sounds and style of the heyday of Rock n’ Roll.

In the past few years’ swing music has gained popularity and is now a mainstream music style in today’s music. The Beale Street Band also captures the essence of swing with their dynamic performances, both old and new style. They will have you dancing, jumping, jiving and wailing all night long.

The Beale Street Band is a highly versatile four-piece band. Horns and background vocalist compliment the band when they are reenacting an old Elvis Concert. The Band Entertains by involving themselves with audience. The Beale Street Band is a must see show for any special occasion. They can’t wait entertain you!